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  • Alexander Rummel
    Founder & Managing

  • Dagmar Ritter
    Research Director

  • Andreas Erkens, PhD
    Associated Aurum
    Research Partner

  • Ralf Maser
    Associated Aurum
    Research Partner

  • Frédérique Delhom
    Associated Aurum
    Research Fieldwork
Alexander is a dedicated researcher with more than 25 years' experience of international healthcare research. “For many years now, clients have expressed a desire to have a senior consultant manage every phase of a project, and this was the crucial reason for establishing Aurum Research. We firmly believe that our expertise enables us to cater better for our clients’ needs, namely reliable and problem-free research which translates into practice.”

Throughout his career, Alexander has designed and supervised a multitude of studies. He has used a variety of multivariate techniques for positionings, market simulations, forecasting, and pricing. Over the years, he has become an acknowledged expert in international market research. Clients and colleagues alike value his friendly advice when it comes to both qualitative and quantitative research.

Alexander holds a Master's degree in Political Sciences from the University of Bamberg, specialising in healthcare systems, psychological and social research. His background makes him a welcome speaker at his alma mater, where he lectures on analytical methods used in the interpretation of empirical data. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences, workshops, and training events. Alexander has been an elected member of the EphMrA Primary Research Methods & Training Committee (now LDC) since 2003.

To contact Alexander, please send an email to alexander.rummel@aurum-research.eu or call +49 (0)9123 9981330. His professional profile is available at LinkedIn.
Dagmar is passionate about research, and believes the key to good research is the ability to actually implement it: “To be worth the time and effort put into it, I believe that every project has to result in actionable recommendations!”

Dagmar grew up in Hamburg, and now lives close to Berlin with her husband, son, and cat. Over the past 20 years, Dagmar has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, firstly with Schering AG and subsequently with Sanofi-Aventis Germany. Her time in market research as an Executive, Senior Manager, and Head of Market Research has given her extensive insights into the global pharmaceutical business as well as the domestic healthcare market.

Dagmar enjoys the challenges each new project brings, so she digs deep to understand the client's issues in order to design a project that will deliver relevant research data. She subsequently ensures that everything runs smoothly and that the final outcome will benefit the client’s organisation.

To contact Dagmar, please send an email to dagmar.ritter@aurum-research.eu or call +49 (0)33056 780845. Her professional profile is available at LinkedIn.
Andreas is an experienced management executive in pharmaceutical business and health care with 20 years of experience, including general management, marketing management and consulting.

“Changing market dynamics and requirements within the pharmaceutical sector require a shift from product-centric towards market-centric innovation. As consultants and researchers, our main goal is to support our clients within related management, strategy and marketing change processes.”

In the course of his career, Andreas held various management positions, including Managing Director, Head of Business Development and Marketing Manager in pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, covering business and portfolio analysis, strategic and operational marketing, business development, project management, market research and access, marketing and brand communication, medical training and education.

Andreas holds a diploma (M.Sc.) in Biology and received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

He served as member of the advisory council or member of the board at renowned medical societies and various organizations. Furthermore, he headed official offices of different health care organizations as managing director.

To contact Andreas, please send an email to andreas.erkens@aurum-research.eu or info@dr-erkens-consulting.de or call +49 (0)179 2411029. His professional profile is available at LinkedIn and http://dr-erkens-consulting.de.
Ralf Maser is one of the most established figures in healthcare market research, and can reflect upon more than 25 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare research agencies. He started his career in 1985 at Janssen in Neuss (Germany).

Having graduated in market and advertising psychology, he's constantly on the lookout for underlying motives and subconscious decision-making processes, using uses techniques derived from depth psychology, ethnographic observation, or creatively adapted purchase decision models.

Ralf sees himself as a "creative practitioner”, and his clients would fully endorse this: "Consulting at the highest level, in terms of both content and specialist knowledge, and an excellent presentation (…) addressing the consequences and identifying additional opportunities proved to be particularly helpful." (C. Wittenberg, Berlin Chemie, client survey 2011).

Ralf's particular concern is the optimisation of market presence and market potential from launch to late life cycle, and he loves a challenge. In addition to post-launch research, he devotes himself to optimising communication concepts, and this can include innovative storytelling conjoint, communication labs, barrier checks, and fresh positionings. In recent years he has also been particularly involved in OTC/self-medication and consumer testing of pharmacy cosmetics.

As an Associated Partner Ralf and Aurum Research cooperate closely, sharing their mutual experiences for the benefit of their clients. To contact Ralf, please send an email to ralf.maser@aurum-research.de or call +49 (0)9188 905021. His professional profile is available at LinkedIn.
Frédérique has 20 years’ experience in international pharmaceutical market research. She has worked for leading international healthcare market research agencies as a senior consultant.

Since September 2016, she is offering her expertise on a freelance basis for qualitative fieldwork in English and French speaking countries. Her key strengths are her ability to moderate and analyze complex projects including summarizing results in a comprehensive and actionable report in either English or French.

She has experience in working on a wide variety of research methodologies, ranging from more structured approaches to the extensive use of projective techniques. Examples are treatment algorithms, scientific platform assessment, positioning, message and concept testing, product profile testing, logo and brand name testing, product and device testing, unmet needs assessment, usages and attitudes evaluation, therapeutic strategy evaluation, detail aid testing (paper and digital), but also patient journeys, war games and psychodrama.

As an Aurum fieldwork partner, Frédérique offers her services through the Aurum team in all English and French speaking countries.

To contact Frédérique, please send an email to frederique.delhom@aurum-research.eu or
call +33 6 83 31 82 34. Her professional profile is available at LinkedIn


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